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WE DRAW – we create interiors of dreams!

We are a team of professional interior designers based in Edinburgh. Our everyday practice is to combine knowledge and experience with passion for designing various spaces – apartments, houses or offices. We offer you cooperation in which your voice will be the most important for us. Our company has a wide range of services for both private and public spaces! We believe that the four corners of your dreams are the key to a happy life!

Interior architect – why is it worth using his services?

When designing our surroundings, we want the final effect to be consistent with our ideas. The cooperation of our company with many clients has shown that the services of a specialist in space design facilitate the achievement of the intended goal in many ways:

  • professionalism and passion – each project is tailored to individual preferences while maintaining current interior design trends
  • cooperation at the highest level – the designer accompanies you during the entire project – you can count on our experience
  • proactivity– responsibility and foresight help prevent unforeseen situations and remedy problems
  • saving time and money – a professional designer conducts the project carefully and efficiently, additionally offering many beneficial recommendations regarding shopping in specialist stores or choosing a finishing company

What makes us different?

We will draw focuses on interior functionality, compliance with current interior design trends, and above all – your satisfaction! To this end, our team is constantly expanding its competences and facing newer and newer challenges. Among the companies dealing with space design, we are distinguished by:

  • RICH EXPERIENCE AND PASSION FOR INTERIOR – each of us is a professional who performs his duties with passion
  • CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP – we are here for you, decide what your property should look like, and we will provide you with advice and support
  • FLEXIBILITY – we will provide you with a detailed visualization of the interiors so that they are as compatible as possible with your requirements and proven design solutions
  • PRECISION AND ACCURACY – beauty lies in the details, and we know it perfectly well! We will design an ergonomic arrangement of rooms and equipment with passion and care
  • OFFER – we try to respond to the needs of each of our customers! For this purpose, our offer includes proposals for many interior design tastes – from the timeless classic style to the colorful and distinctive eclectic style.

What is the cooperation with TopInteriorDesign?

Behind each of our successes is effective cooperation with the client. In our offer, we present its individual stages:

Stage I. Interview

Tell the designer your expectations - both in terms of interior style and budget.

Stage II. Inventory

The inventory of space is aimed at creating projections that will become the basis for work.

Stage III. Functional layout

Together with the designer, you will determine the functional zones or the arrangement of walls and furniture.

Stage IV Visualization

Creating 3D visualizations, selection of colors and elements of equipment, interior finishing.

Stage V. Detailed design

Otherwise known as technical documentation - it is a summary of the findings so far.

Are you interested in the effects of our work? Want to learn more about successful projects? We invite you to familiarize yourself with the examples of realizations!

TOGETHER we can create interiors of dreams!