We create spaces where style, comfort and functionality meet in perfect harmony.

TopInterriorDesign is a group of professional architects, enthusiasts of beautiful and functional interiors, and privately friends for whom design is the whole world. Our mission is to create spaces where our clients will find peace, balance and will be able to relax and gain strength for further action.

We know how important forward thinking is. In our projects, we focus on solutions that will allow you to adjust the interior to the changing needs of users as they age.

Our work is characterized primarily by:

  • professionalism
  • knowledge of the industry and technical innovations
  • full commitment to the execution of the order

Aranżacja i projektowanie wnętrz


Check what we do and how the cooperation with our designers is going. By choosing our services, you will receive an interior design that will reflect you and your character, while meeting all your requirements.


Each of our projects is unique, just like our clients. We do not operate in a standard way, there are no universal solutions for us. Watch examples of our previous projects and get inspired to change your interior.


Our company specializes in interior design in Edinburgh. We create unique projects that take into account the needs and preferences of our clients. Our experience allows us to adjust each arrangement to individual requirements and budget. We try to use the potential of each room to create a harmonious and functional space. In our work, we use the best materials and solutions to ensure durability and aesthetics of projects. We provide comprehensive design services, from concept, through visualization, to supervision over implementation. Trust our knowledge and passion to create your dream interior.


Call, write, come to us. We are waiting for your contact.